Simplifying Content Distribution, Monetization and Tracking
through the Ethereum Blockchain

Key Features


End-to-end distribution where Content Creators, Labels and Studios can direct-distribute their assets via the Ethereum blockchain.


Immediate monetization of content through Ethereum blockchain transactions. Content owners no longer have to wait for 3rd-party payouts from distributors or middle-men.


Residual, attribution and any other related payouts can be written directly into the content contracts.

Platforms & Integration

Atlys DApps
Purchase and exchange content within the Atlys DApps platform
Atlys coins can be used within the platform ecosystem
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Atlys is working with to integrate token and storage usage
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A Solution for Global Distribution and Monetization of Content
The AtlysCoin Whitepaper outlines the group's platform and business objectives. It includes the AtlysCoin information, smart-contract details, timelines and all other relevant information to the open-source project.
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Management & Development Team

Charles Adelman

Chief Technology Officer

Jessica Adelman

Chief Marketing Officer

Christian Kameir

Chief Strategy Officer

Dave Murray


Robert Denton


Jonathan Moeller

Program Manager / Agile Coach

Steve Ono

Front-End Developer

Directors & Advisory Board

Cary Burch


Technology Entrepreneur / Former CIO Thomson Reuters

Jeffrey Peterson

Technology Entrepreneur

Ryan Farish

Artist / Producer

Jamie Wollam


Artist/Drummer - Tears for Fears

Content Drives Innovation

Atlys brings together a seasoned team of filmmakers, studio executives, content distributors and media platform engineers. Unlike many ALT coins hitting the market, Atlys encompasses a true understanding of the entire content ecosystem, from concept through the entire distribution lifecycle.