Simplifying the Complexities of Global Content Distribution, Monetization and Tracking

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New Content Monetization

Existing Content Resale

Immediate Monetization


Direct to Consumer Sales

Consumer to Consumer Resale

No Middleman Involved


New and Resale History

Complete Content Analytics

All Records Are Immutable


Uses The ERC20 Standard

Fast & Reliable Transactions

Ethereum Ecosystem

About The Coin

Globalized Media Contracts

Decentralized asset ownership tied to the Etherium blockchain

Future Downstream tracking of residual and contractual payouts to the content creator

Equity based on channel/content

For content creators, tokens can be used to purchase channels

For consumers, tokens can be used to purchase content, subscriptions, on-demand, events

True ownership of content (if permitted by content creator), where the content becomes the asset

Unique identifiers for each piece of content

The Whitepaper

A Solution for Global Distribution and Monetization of Content
The Atlys Project Whitepaper outlines the group's platform and business objectives. It includes the ATLYSCoin information, smart-contract details, timelines and all relevant information to the open-source project.

Development Team

Charles Adelman


Jessica Adelman


Hunter Long

Lead Developer

Oscar Estrada

Back-End Developer

Steve Ono

Front-End Developer

Robert Denton


Dave Murray


Advisory Board

Cary Burch

Technology Entrepreneur / Former Chief Innovation Officer Thompson Reuters

Jeffrey Petereson

Technology Entrepreneur

Ryan Farish

Artist / Producer

Jamie Wollam

Artist/Drummer (Tears for Fears)